Jul 4, 2016

What Happens When You Ask James Fridman For a Manipulation Design [Wrong Guy is back]

           James Fridman, is back, the Photoshop guru who takes requests Well, And as you can see from these pictures, he's still giving people EXACTLY what they wish for.

James Fridman : The master of photo manipulation has over 430k followers on Twitter,  218406 likes On FACEBOOK, which is pretty impressive considering that he's only tweeted 73 times. But this master believes in quality over quantity, and his Photoshop creations are very high quality indeed. They're also highly amusing, not least because the man has a knack for finding the most literal interpretation of the requests he receives. Want bigger  legs? He can help you with that. How about longer boobs? He can help you with that too. In fact, James Fridman can absoletly help you at any time, as long as you're willing to see the funny side of your PIC ...

But always don't forget to  don't submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.
Want to take the step? Then you can make a request by tweeting him at @fjamie013.

here is what happen when you ask the master JAMES FRIDMAN to help you in a manipulation design !!

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Aug 26, 2014

Get a Mini Web Bundle worth $100+ for FREE

We have another freebie bonus you can download and enjoy!
Our friends From MatchThemes were kind enough to give us a mini-web package that you will definitely enjoy! I'm talking about a complete list of WordPress template, a model of the full report and HTML5 upload page 3 models available!
Besides that, the guys Flashtuning got a very cool video player and audio player!
These models are fully compatible with all major browsers and also for each item, you get a very useful help file!

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Aug 22, 2014

Top 10 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials [2014]

Top 10 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials [2014]

Photoshop is undoubtedly the best photo editing Software. We are authorized to create almost anything our minds can imagine Whith photoshop. While it can be fun to dream of new ideas, the implementation of these ideas can be quite challenging. 
Photo manipulations are attractive to most people who use Photoshop for the first time and it's nice to see the great things you can do with it by manipulating one or more photos. Although for that to happen, you must first learn how to do certain techniques using photo manipulation tutorials. In this article you will find almost everything Photoshop manipulation tutorial photo first class as it was published in the last two or three years. I excluded from this selection Top 10 manipulation tutorials, I hope you do not mind.

10 photo manipulation tutorials to teach you how to perfect your art.

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Aug 19, 2014

10 Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows

Free Photo Editing Software

Looking for a simple way to enhance your digital photographs or repair old pictures? 
BUT you can't afford to purchase software,
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Dec 27, 2013

Top 5 Graphic design Job skills - Earn Money from your Design

Top 5 Graphic design skills - Earn Money from your Design

Getting been both the graphic Designers custom in search of work and also a potential employer in search of talent, We think about myself personally trained inside calls for with the a digital graphic disciplines vocation. While a many different professional skills can assist a digital graphic art work graduates land his or her aspiration work, a few core skills and also expertise are very important to getting the juicy design agency gig.
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Nov 8, 2013



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